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Beyond the Ordinary: What Makes Our Dry Fish Special!

Nagapattinam is more than just a coastal town. It's a bustling hub for the dry fish industry, a tradition deeply woven into the fabric of its economy and culture for centuries. Evidence suggests trade in dried fish existed during the Chola period, with Nagapattinam acting as a crucial port for exporting fish products across Southeast Asia. The Chola navy itself relied on dried fish as a portable, nourishing food source during their extensive voyages—a testament to the enduring value of this cherished tradition.

At Kadarkadai, we are proud to uphold the rich heritage of Nagapattinam's dry fish industry with unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship. We do more than sell dry fish; we deliver a taste of home, wherever you are. Our unique selection carries the flavors and traditions of coastal towns across India.

Throughout history, families in Nagapattinam have sent dried fish packages to loved ones living or traveling abroad, serving as a tangible reminder of home and cultural heritage. We recreate that same feeling of love and connection by delivering every delicious bite of our curated selection to families across the globe.

Like agriculture, we believe the dry fish industry deserves to flourish.  That's why we partner with local fishermen and women who use traditional, sustainable methods to source the freshest catch. We then carefully sun-dry and prepare each fish with meticulous attention to detail and a touch of love.

Join us in celebrating the Nagapattinam's dry fish industry by trying our curated selection today.


Finest dry fishes, conveniently delivered to your city center location

Experience dry fish from afar, we deliver world-wide.


We offer the high quality and unadulterated dry fishes

No harsh chemicals or artificial additives ever touch our product. 100% Organic.


Uncompromising Quality and Cleanliness

We maintain a hygienic environment! From how we handle ingredients to regular cleaning, hygiene is our top priority.


Sustainable Sourcing for Unparalleled taste and quality

We work hand-in-hand with fishermen, ensuring the highest quality and freshness of our catches.


Fresh from the sea of Nagapattinam

Nagai, a renowned center for dry fish production for centuries. We carry this legacy forward, preserving the authentic methods and unmatched quality that have made our dry fish a cherished delicacy.

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